About Us


Nikos Dilaverakis studied architecture in the U.K. at the University of Dundee.

Since 1990 he lives in Greece.

“I like working with different materials, stone, wood, marble, metals. The challenge is in the texture of each material”.


Anna Skiadaresis grew up in a fine arts environment. Her mother was the painter Zoe Skiadaresis and her father Makis Skiadaresis was an arts and antiquities photographer, so most of her childhood was spend in art galleries and museums.

She studied applied arts in Athens and worked on furniture design and interior design.

She started designing jewellery in 1999.

“ I like to communicate specific messages through my jewellery, like wishes and verses from ancient –mostly Greek – philosophers”.

Our work has been presented at:

  • Benaki central museum
  • Chadjikyriakos Ghikas museum
  • Museum of Greek folk art
  • IANOS art shops
  • Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center
  • Design for Life exhibitions (Italian Intitute)
  • Argo fine art gallery
  • Spyros Vasiliou fine arts exhibitions